Our guide to what stylists say

If you've ever wondered what your stylist is talking about, here's our foolproof guide to all things hair.

Cutting terminology

This is a type of layering where the hair is cut progressively shorter towards the back. It’s mostly used on bobs.

Slicing involves sliding the scissors through the hair without closing the blades completely, leaving the hair with a feathered finish.

Razoring is a thinning method to create texture and softness. It reduces weight in thick hair and thins out the bulk.

Here  stylists use the points of the scissors to break up blunt lines in a haircut. The finished styling can be fine or chunky.

Layers reduce weight in thick hair or add movement and body to fine hair. They give long hair shape and short hair texture.

The hair is cut into choppy layers that hang in a circular shape around the head, framing your cheekbones and features.

Colour terminology

A highlight is a streak of colour lighter than your natural shade, while a lowlight is darker or richer. Great for a natural look.

Using peroxide for a long lasting effect. It won’t lighten your hair but it does fade more gradually, so you don’t get root regrowth problems.

These colours are mixed with hydrogen peroxide with can lighten your tone by up to three levels. They will need to be grown out.

This is where all the hair is coloured, either with a permanent or semi-permanent. You can also have a full head of highlights.

Slices of colour are applied to the hair using foils (not woven as with highlights) for a high fashion, dramatic finish.

Semis last up to 10-15 washes. Like tone-on-tone, they don’t lighten and they gradually, so there’s no root regrowth.

Gloss colours last around six washes and create fab shine. You can also have translucent glosses that give shine but no colour.

This is a technique where only the mid/lengths and ends of the hair are coloured using the foiling technique. The colour is mainly applied on the underneath layers.

Ombre is a great way of lightening your hair on the ends and blending the colour through to the mid/lengths without any regrowth. It gives an impression that the colour has grown out over time. It  can be either quite light or dark and blends with the natural tone of your  hair.